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Life Consultation through daya's psychic reading 

~ living your daily life a with higher awareness~

Using the knowledge of Numerology (numbers from your birthday) and OSHO Zen tarot card as a entrance door, I do also original psychic reading. 

I am also doing process oriented psychology private sessions and group facilitations, specialized in conflicted situations.

I offer Sessions in Japanese, German and in English.
For more information about me, please check the "about me " page!

My most experienced topics are... 

multicultural families

minority issues (rase, sexuality, lifestyle, etc)

identity crises

addictions (relationships, smoking, bulemia)

conflicts in relationships and working space ( family, couple consoulting)

depressions etc.


my  office is 5 min walk from  Mitaka station. For the people who are not able to come because of the distance, I do also zoom sesions. 


60min 21000yen, 90min 28000yen

additional  10 minutes, it costs 1500yen each. plus you pay the drinks at the coffee shop.

lotus touch (body work) session is for women only.


please e-mail me from the contact page 3 or 4 possible days and times, I will write you back as soon as possible with place detail information. People in distance has to pay first through paypal or in my bank account BEFORE the session.

cacellation policy

my cancellation policy is:

【cancel 2 day before】… you must pay 20% from the session prices.

【cancel 1 day before】… you must pay 50% from the session prices.

【cancellation on the reserved day】… you have to pay 100% from the fee.

the pay back fee for the bank is on your charge .

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